08-18-15 10:21 AM
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  1. koebi90's Avatar
    Anyone found anything new?

    Posted via CB10
    06-09-15 01:50 PM
  2. kyleheney's Avatar
    I'm looking for a new Sim cover too for my white Passport... can't seem to find one anywhere! Has anyone else been able to find a supplier?
    08-16-15 02:32 PM
  3. koebi90's Avatar
    finally found it:


    Quite expensive and no white door...

    Posted via CB10
    08-18-15 01:10 AM
  4. kyleheney's Avatar
    Yeah I found that one too, but I need a white one. Surprised it's not a valid anywhere yet. With shipping to me (Canada) it's almost $30... I'd spend that for a white one, but not for the wrong one!

    Posted via CB10
    08-18-15 10:04 AM
  5. Lucas D's Avatar
    Where can I get the white keyboard that looks awesome!!!

    Posted via CB10
    08-18-15 10:21 AM
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