11-12-14 02:21 PM
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  1. GeoK's Avatar
    I was gonna carry it in a belt clip faux leather case, but it is too tall. The case must have been made for the VU or something.
    I'm gonna send the case back.
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    11-04-14 08:49 AM
  2. kthhrrsn's Avatar
    Back pocket, right check, to be more specific. Occasionally in my front, right pocket, but only if I don't have keys in there (can't take the chance of scratching my beloved).

    I always take it out when I get in the car because I normally top it off while on the road...

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    11-04-14 09:00 AM
  3. Ecm's Avatar
    Currently it's in a holster. A note3 holster with stuffing in the bottom since the holster is a bit too tall. Convenient, though, until a proper holster becomes available.
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    11-04-14 02:46 PM
  4. mister2d's Avatar
    ...I think it may be better than my Note 3 in my pocket (not skinny jeans) since my phone makes it hard to bend over an tie my shoes. I usually have to find a chair or stool or something to put my foot up on, which only makes it slightly easier to tie my shoe...
    How often do you tie your shoes? Just put your Note 3 in your pocket after you tie them.
    11-04-14 03:09 PM
  5. Detective M Downs's Avatar
    During work week, suit pockets - weekend sweatpants, jean and/or jacket pockets.
    11-04-14 03:12 PM
  6. whatsever's Avatar
    Jacket and jeans

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    11-04-14 03:24 PM
  7. JLErwin3's Avatar
    It fits fine in the front pocket of dress trousers. It also fits nicely in the side pocket of cargo pants. I think I like it best in my jacket pocket, although that means I will have a challenge when summer comes.
    11-05-14 08:13 AM
  8. power5's Avatar
    How often do you tie your shoes? Just put your Note 3 in your pocket after you tie them.
    I do that. But I also have 2 young girls that I need to tie shoes for as well. Was really just an example of one activity that is sometimes painful if the phone manages to lodge into my hip joint. Most of the time the phone is fine in my pocket and I forget about it.
    11-05-14 08:27 AM
  9. jojo beaconsfield's Avatar
    All the places I used to put my Z10 in,It's only an inch wider.mostly my front left pant pocket or jean pocket.
    11-05-14 08:38 AM
  10. robhenry24's Avatar
    I am Thinking about getting some cargo paints with extra pockets.
    11-05-14 10:35 AM
  11. BBjer's Avatar

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    11-05-14 10:40 AM
  12. playbookster's Avatar
    Well it's autumn now, I keep it in my coat pocket

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    11-05-14 11:08 AM
  13. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    Left breast pocket of my shirt or left inner pocket of my suit coat.
    Same in the coat left inner pocket,and also in my leather briefcase!

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    11-05-14 11:18 AM
  14. ShadowRaine's Avatar
    Front pocket in jeans or dress pants. No issues

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    11-05-14 12:35 PM
  15. GeoK's Avatar
    hey kthhrrsn.........What are you using to top it off? Just the cord in the car, or do you have a car holder?
    11-09-14 03:51 PM
  16. jcraig's Avatar
    Front pants pocket. Only an issue in jeans and by the time it's cold enough for me to want to wear jeans i'll be wearing a jacket too so, problem automatically solved.

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    11-09-14 03:57 PM
  17. doxa sub750T's Avatar
    Pocket in my jacket during weekday and back jean pocket during weekend.

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    11-09-14 04:09 PM
  18. GeoK's Avatar
    Good news people.
    Seidio has listed the Passport. No photos, but you will get the idea by looking at the same model in a different model phone.
    I always liked this Seidio company.
    SEIDIO | BlackBerry Passport Accessories

    Belt clip with case and without case, screen protectors also.
    11-09-14 04:12 PM
  19. Tech_Fan_Boy's Avatar
    Right side pant pocket. Screen protector and hard OEM case! Been 4 wks no issues!
    11-09-14 04:25 PM
  20. GeoK's Avatar
    Hey Fozzy bear...I didn't know you had pockets?

    Right side pant pocket. Screen protector and hard OEM case! Been 4 wks no issues!
    11-09-14 04:38 PM
  21. Ryanleelejeune's Avatar
    60% of the time its in my hand. Back pocket the rest of the time.

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    11-09-14 04:47 PM
  22. aha's Avatar
    Front pocket of my pant, no issue at all. Slide it in, whip it out. Lots of room to work with. No issue to tie my or my kid's shoes neither.

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    11-09-14 05:04 PM
  23. m6photo's Avatar
    I bought some cargo pants with side pockets. Works great.

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    11-09-14 07:14 PM
  24. BBjer's Avatar
    In my sack.

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    11-09-14 07:17 PM
  25. kenzo_44's Avatar
    I have a man - His job is to carry my passport in a gold tray and prevent any dust from touching the screen. He follows me everywhere.

    P.S. His name is confidential!

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    11-09-14 07:22 PM
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