11-12-14 03:21 PM
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  1. power5's Avatar
    I have seen many people post about pulling out their passport or whipping it out or some such other verb. I am wondering where this place is that they are retrieving their passport from. I ask because as a Note 3 owner looking to switch to a passport I am a little concerned. I think it may be better than my Note 3 in my pocket (not skinny jeans) since my phone makes it hard to bend over an tie my shoes. I usually have to find a chair or stool or something to put my foot up on, which only makes it slightly easier to tie my shoe. Typically after such actions, I feel my pocket getting hot. Pull phone out and it's on some strange menu of an app I can't recall the last time I used. I am pretty sure the home button is being pressed to turn on screen and then it does not go off. Not sure why, but I did not notice this before this summer wearing shorts. No reason I can think of for this since my cut off jean shorts or khakis have the same pockets as my work pants. Anyway, there are times I have to take the phone out of my pocket to perform this type of action more than once. I don't wear a suit to work every or a shirt with a pocket so I am just curious how people carry theirs.

    Passport is like 3/8" wider but nearly 1" shorter than my Note 3 so I envision it being easier to pocket and bend over than with my phone.

    Also, pictures of your pocket bulge could be beneficial.
    11-03-14 04:24 PM
  2. tigerinexile's Avatar
    Hip pocket.

    I know the problem whereof you speak.

    I actually turned off swipe to wake till I got my case, because of that. That's the only reliable fix I know.

    Now have the leather case, and it's great.

    Posted with my Passport via CB10!
    11-03-14 04:29 PM
  3. AdamThatsIt's Avatar
    Back pocket. It's the size of a passport, which fits in back pockets
    11-03-14 05:00 PM
  4. KevinInCanada's Avatar
    I wear business slacks most of the day and I keep it in my front pocket I have no issues with taking it out of my pocket or putting back in.

    Posted from my Crackberry 10 App on Blackberry Passport
    11-03-14 05:38 PM
  5. eryvile's Avatar
    Back pocket of my jeans when walking, but have to take it out when sitting down. On business trips, it fits nicely in the inner pocket of my suit.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-14 05:59 PM
  6. trigger1074's Avatar
    No issues in any of my pockets and sometimes have to search them all to figure out which one I put it in

    Posted on my Passport
    11-03-14 06:02 PM
  7. bbmtna's Avatar
    Front jacket pocket or my hand. I'm constantly on it for both work and play

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-14 06:03 PM
  8. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    I made/modified a spring clip holster for it... lol

    Attachment 311888

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-14 06:03 PM
  9. Chiefhenry27's Avatar
    Front hip pocket or back pocket.
    11-03-14 06:27 PM
  10. Adif_70's Avatar
    Front pocket.

    Posted with my 5 week old superb Passport!
    11-03-14 06:46 PM
  11. mikedolo's Avatar
    Front or back pocket
    11-03-14 06:55 PM
  12. EagleEyes11's Avatar
    Purse, or back pocket of jeans, or coat pocket or simply in my hand. People make do.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-14 06:59 PM
  13. tickerguy's Avatar
    Front pocket for pants, inside jacket pocket for suit

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-14 07:07 PM
  14. Coraya's Avatar
    Wish I had to wear a business suit to work. Man, you folks truly make me feel unimportant. My fault, I'll admit, but jeez.

    Posted via CB Q10 or 9000
    11-03-14 08:28 PM
  15. crackbridge's Avatar
    Front left pocket. Keys go in right front pocket. I tried back pocket but worried I will forget about it and sit on it.

    Posted from my Passport!
    11-03-14 09:02 PM
  16. chw6922's Avatar
    Front pockets, and 0 issues

    BlackBerry Passport
    11-03-14 09:03 PM
  17. PeterC4's Avatar
    Front breast pocket of my shirt or inside my suit jacket. Or front pocket of my jeans, or in my coat pocket.
    11-03-14 09:11 PM
  18. Jamie Wooten's Avatar
    I use my back pocket or front pocket.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-14 10:10 PM
  19. robert_in_la's Avatar
    Front pocket of my shorts or jeans.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-14 11:19 PM
  20. anon(1852343)'s Avatar
    My holster

    Blackberry Passport running
    11-03-14 11:29 PM
  21. shakingthrough's Avatar
    Left breast pocket of my shirt or left inner pocket of my suit coat.
    11-04-14 12:25 AM
  22. MikeyJSydney's Avatar
    Normally back pocked, unless got a shirt with a front top pocket, then it goes in there.

    I use to have a note 3, and Passport is much much more pocketable i can definitely say!
    power5 likes this.
    11-04-14 01:41 AM
  23. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    for me its kept in the jeans back pocket, or jacket inside pocket. depends on what jacket, if any, I'm wearing.
    11-04-14 04:57 AM
  24. willowbeast's Avatar
    My hand, front pocket in jeans, inside pocket in jacket or suit.

    Posted via CB10
    11-04-14 05:07 AM
  25. kwakster928's Avatar
    If, I am working, it is in my labcoat pocket.

    If, I am wearing a suit, it will be in my blazer's breast pocket.

    If, I am wearing jeans, I will be on my back pocket.

    Else, I hold on to it on my hands.

    Posted via CB10
    11-04-14 08:33 AM
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