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    I have to move off of BlackBerry 10 platform now because no matter how good it was and still is, I realize that it is not enough to keep me chugging along the day anymore. I have a BlackBerry Passport and a Z30 and now when I look at the phones that are coming out now they are all so unblackberry like.

    I cant afford keyone and even if I could its not yet available in india.

    Dtek50/60 arent even real BlackBerry... they are just glass slabs with lifetime free access to blackberry hub, dtek app and other apps in the google playstore that anyone can download and pay for and their phones would be as good as a BlackBerry.

    Priv- priv is a dtek50 with a keyboard.

    Iam not able to find a phone as good as these BlackBerry 10 phones.... they are different and they were the best for what they did...not like android phones which are like

    "No matter where you go you are going to get the same slab of glass that just opens youtube faster or slower depending on how much u pay"

    Do any of you know of any worthy substitute to BlackBerry 10 phones... what about lumia 1520 on windows 10?

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    Same here..i feel same like you.
    BlackBerry 10 os the amazing..if you once use it don't like another OS.
    And there are no option available better than BlackBerry Passport.
    If I think to switch to another smartphone don't like another device and smartphone like to BlackBerry Passport..
    So I decided I will stay with BlackBerry Passport when it will alive..

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    05-05-17 11:22 AM
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