1. QDEER's Avatar
    Hi everyone.

    Got my passport a few weeks back, 2 weeks in my brother's fiance dropped it and the screen shattered.
    Still usable, just horrid.
    Anyway, i took a risk and bought an '''''''OEM''''''' replacement screen (which turns out to be a generic copy that didn't fit right and arrived faulty), from ebay.
    My question is, does anyone know where to buy a proper official replacement screen? Like one pulled from another passport kind of thing, i really don't trust these copies anymore.
    07-21-15 02:31 AM
  2. chopachain's Avatar
    Check out etradesupply.com
    07-21-15 04:10 AM
  3. QDEER's Avatar
    Check out etradesupply.com
    Did see them on google. Can you confirm that it is genuine blackberry?
    07-21-15 04:51 AM
  4. chopachain's Avatar
    Sorry Dude, can't confirm that its an original BB part. I personally haven't bought from them. But it seems to be the place of choice from threads that I've followed. If you want some help, PM Chris Simundson (search this forum for his details).
    07-21-15 06:39 AM
  5. lawguyman's Avatar
    I got one from etrade supply and it looks legit.

    Posted via CB10
    07-24-15 01:03 PM

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