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    PSA: The future of BlackBerry Smartphones is clearly Android

    Immersing myself into the world of BlackBerry once again, it's clear that the future of BlackBerry phones is ANDROID powered. Within the CrackBerry community we have a significant percentage of users who still love and use their BlackBerry 10 phones and really, really, REALLY want BlackBerry / BlackBerry Mobile to manufacture more BlackBerry 10 phones.

    BlackBerry is clearly out of the hardware game now, and BlackBerry Mobile is manufacturing Android phones
    As much I hate to say it, it's just not going to happen. BlackBerry is clearly out of the hardware game now, and BlackBerry Mobile is manufacturing Android phones. Getting angry and holding out for more BlackBerry 10 phones isn't going to help make it happen, so my suggestion for those who love BlackBerry is to start getting excited about your next BlackBerry being Android powered. You're just going to be stewing and angry for a long time if you hold out hope - it's less painful to treat BlackBerry 10 as an end of life product at this point.

    I'd say you could hold onto your BB10 phones forever (BBOS too for that matter), but that won't help BlackBerry or BlackBerry Mobile either. The best way to ensure a strong portfolio of BlackBerry phones into the future from BlackBerry Mobile is to make sure the Mercury is a success!
    -CrackBerry Kevin-

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