1. LP_Chris's Avatar
    Do anyone know when blackberry passport will b in stock in Singapore? I am tired of waiting it. I know amazon has stock, but Idk how to purchase from it since all of them are not shipping to Singapore!
    10-26-14 03:40 AM
  2. yellowmayo's Avatar
    I got mine from Singtel in September.
    10-28-14 06:16 AM
  3. Rahul1234's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 06:51 AM
  4. BrizzadMan's Avatar
    You can use the online stock check website below:


    There are two sites listed that carry Passport. Best of luck!

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 07:55 AM
  5. Uzi's Avatar
    You can add me on bbm pin:2BDBBDAB I'm in johor I will help you guys to buy RM 2500 here

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport
    10-28-14 08:11 AM

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