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    Like a lot of others the loss of support for BlackBerry 10 by whatsapp in the new year is a concern for me so I decided to download the android app from play store and once it was working it rendered my bb10 version inactive.
    I removed the android version and restored bb10 and all is well I'm just wondering and I doubt anyone will know but will we simply be able to do that come January? Or are people adopting the android version early in hopes that they will be unaffected on January 1 as opposed to sticking with bb10 till that day and then trying to go android then. I'd be interested to see the general consensus on this.

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    07-09-16 03:27 AM
  2. RodgerLeblanc's Avatar
    From this thread :

    I never said the Android version would be blocked for BB10 devices on Dec 31.

    That being said, running the Android version on BB10 devices is not supported. That means any BB10-specific bugs are unlikely to be fixed, customer support is unlikely to respond to issues, and there's no guarantee it'll continue to be usable in perpetuity. It also does not provide an optimal user experience, due to the lack of Google Play Services.

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    07-09-16 04:08 AM
  3. Ari Kajtezovic's Avatar
    I'm curious whether you used the Android version when you downloaded it? Did it have normal functionality? Better or worse than the BB10 version? Probably no Hub notifications I guess? If it functions normally I see no reason for it not to keep working the same way later, and it's just a matter of personal preference whether you switch now or when it stops working. Clearly like with any Android app, what RodgerLeblanc quoted goes without saying - support for BlackBerry will be nonexistent basically, so you'll have to hope it keeps working on the Android version I suppose.

    As for me, I'll keep using BB while it works and will switch if/when I have to. Managed to keep Facebook working, who knows, maybe WhatsApp will keep working too for a while if I don't update. Not too hopeful, but you never know.
    07-09-16 05:02 AM
  4. dcal1701's Avatar
    Two long running conversations from whatsapp disappeared from the hub instantly when I first opened the android whatsapp but then it re added me to those groups within the android app, so the hub no longer worked for whatsapp however my led notification app (led notify) prompted me that it had discovered a new account and I was able to set the green led to android whatsapp so I would happily make do with that level of functionality come January because frankly for me the positives of my passport as it stands far out way the negatives of losing major apps, so long as I have some level of connectivity to people on that app I will hold off on leaving bb10.

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    07-09-16 02:57 PM

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