1. marzfreerider's Avatar
    OK stupid question time. When I read about a hard reset, what's the difference between a hard reset and a normal reset?
    10-20-14 11:59 PM
  2. tavisdunn's Avatar
    A normal reset you can do thru the power menu while your phone is still responsive. A hard reset is more for when your phone isn't responding and you have to hold the power button for awhile to force a reboot.

    Posted via CB10
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    10-21-14 12:02 AM
  3. riph's Avatar
    I've been wondering this as well, aside from the condition & how to do it, do soft reset and hard reset have different effect/outcome when used? I saw some people suggesting to do hard reset to fix this and that (backlight not working, scrolling not working, etc), does it mean hard reset works differently with soft reset?
    10-21-14 01:10 AM
  4. thymaster's Avatar
    Soft would be like turning the phone on and off. A hard reset is like taking the battery out or disconnecting the power source to the device. Also hard reset clears up RAM for a fresh start.
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    10-21-14 01:15 AM
  5. guygardner73's Avatar
    ^^ this. Use up and down volume rockers simultaneously for 20 secs

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
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    10-21-14 03:54 AM

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