1. Warrior_Scholar's Avatar
    I have an old Blackberry passport which had WhatsApp installed on in. I was able to read old messages on it up till two weeks ago.Now I cannot read the old messages.The passport does not have a SIM card as I upgraded to Keyone 14 months ago.Can some please suggest how I can access the old messages on my passport?

    Thanks in advance
    12-20-18 10:06 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Can some please suggest how I can access the old messages on my passport?
    You don't. You should have moved them long ago if they were important to be maintained. You can try making a backup, and loading it onto your KEYone but that will likely also mess up your current install of WhatsApp, assuming it even works, which is not guarenteed.
    12-20-18 10:21 AM

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