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  1. mccartjt's Avatar
    I've a cracked screen on my current Classic and I've been thinking about a Passport. The battery on my Classic isn't holding the charge like when it was new so I'm thinking its time to get a new phone. I don't want an Android nor do I want many apps. I am sure the two to three apps I am running on my Classic will work freshly installed on a Passport, so I thought I'd throw this question out there and figure out what I should be doing.

    The classic is a little sluggish I'll accept that but the Passport has a faster CPU and a really strong battery. So I'd love to hear opinions..

    Thanks in advance
    09-18-17 12:35 PM
  2. johnny_bravo72's Avatar
    If you're ok with an awkward 3 row keyboard and an unusual wide bodied frame, get the Passport.
    09-18-17 12:44 PM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Passport is a "better" phone... but comes down to will the size work for you. Some here tried it and went back to the Classic's more "one handed" usability.

    If it were me, I'd go with the Passport.... ( with those limited choices).
    09-18-17 12:47 PM
  4. mccartjt's Avatar

    The reason for the limited choices is that I want as little spying on me as possible. With Android you've got Amazon (with their new download app) querying your whereabouts all the time but I've got simple needs I've a GPS Tracker II Dropbox and a version of Skype that works on my Classic. I believe all should migrate to a Passport. I want little else.

    What is the tale on the browser of the Passport? I've heard people having issues? I know on my Classic I've had issues too with the browser but it normally works for 90% of all the websites I visit.

    Any more light you can throw on this subject?

    Which model number for T-Mobile too.
    Last edited by mccartjt; 09-18-17 at 12:55 PM. Reason: Extra Question
    09-18-17 12:52 PM
  5. mrigd's Avatar

    I am new to BB with 02 weeks new passport. Let me know if you would want me to open any website for you to check or anything else.


    Posted via CB10
    09-18-17 01:31 PM
  6. Zeratul57's Avatar
    Any model will work on tmobile. PP is a quad core so that may affect your Web performance.

    There's dolphin. Browsie browser. Qbrowser and some others owners use here.

    Sent from one of my SE Passports using BB10 superior software.
    09-18-17 04:15 PM
  7. Terencehill's Avatar
    A Passport its my favorite

    Posted via CB10
    09-18-17 06:04 PM

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