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    Hey guys

    So I've had my passport a few days and I've noticed a really strange little issue with it. I listen to audiobooks to go to sleep, but on my passport after a some hours (like 3 or 4 maybe?) the audio being played starts to sound kinda weird, distorted and with a bit of an echo on it. I can clear the issue just by hitting pausing and hitting play again, and it all goes back to normal. But still that's an issue that shouldn't happen.

    Even weirder - It happens just the same using different audio players. I tried Neutron last night (which I bought back in Playbook days and seldom use but since I had it available...) And I still got the same exact problem. It's not the audio files either, because the issue doesn't happen on specific books/files or at specific times, and can instantly be banished just by double tapping the button. I've even had it happen when I was using headphones on a long journey yesterday, so it doesn't seem to be just a 'playing while charging' or speaker issue either.

    So... Does anyone have any ideas where this might be coming from? Any suggestions what might be the cause?
    11-14-14 09:30 AM

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