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    I am very close to pulling the trigger on a Passport. My only holdup is the warranty issue, and I was disappointed to search the Crackberry forums only to find confusion, frustration and ambiguity as to if BB has a warranty and who qualifies for one.

    I cannot imagine paying $600 for an unlocked phone and not having the thing under warranty for at least a full year. My only BB phone was a Torch, and it was insured through my carrier. (That would not be the case this time.) I went through several phones during the first year due to software and hardware issues. I also own Apple products and know that AppleCare has been one of the top reasons I buy from them, as they pretty much fix and replace anything for the first 3 years (not sure if it's 3 on phones) provided you buy the extended warranty (which I do).

    But it seems as if BB isn't very clear on who qualifies for a warranty, and even if you do qualify, it seems as if BB is ambivalent on whether or not they'll help you out.

    So, what do you do to insure your BB? Most of the responses I've read here say to just be careful with your phone, or to buy an Otterbox, but that's not what a warranty is for. A warranty if for quality issues with hardware or software. It's not for when you drop it. All electronic products are susceptible to lemons or other small issues that arise over the course of a year.

    Sure, there are options like SquareTrade, but they only cover for the first time something happens, and they're typically for things like water damage or dropping your phone. Most companies offer an actual manufacturer's warranty for actual hardware or software issues, and in Apple's case, they offer as much as 3 years. So I don't understand why a company as troubled as BB can't make clear who is covered and how one goes about filing a claim. It sounds as if they might cover my phone if I buy through Amazon, but I have to go jump through hoops and have Amazon contact BB and then, if I get a nice BB attendant, then they might honor the warranty. This is a huge risk to take for someone looking to spend $600 on a phone.
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    02-01-15 08:17 PM
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    What do you guys do if something is wrong with your Passport outside of the 30-day window? I am hoping for suggestions. Just bought one off Amazon. Thanks.
    02-02-15 08:28 PM
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    Here in India BlackBerry offers 1 year warranty for phone and 6 months for in-box accessories.. and official vendor is amazon.in with 30 days replacement warranty by amazon..

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    02-02-15 09:38 PM
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    I will buy with a carrier for that reason, I pay for lost, stolen and accidental damage as in the UK we pay top prices for phones it's about $900 for a unlocked passport in the uk

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    02-03-15 04:00 AM
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    I got it for roughly around 450 converted from indian currency

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    02-03-15 04:19 AM
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    You get 1 year warranty on your phone from BlackBerry. You can usually purchase extended warranty from your carrier or look into your home insurance. Apple Care only gives you 2 years of warranty for phones, basically your paying for 1 extra year of warranty.

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    02-03-15 04:27 AM
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    There is no thing like extended warranty or carrier warranty in india.. services are ****e

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    02-03-15 04:55 AM
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    And no carrier bounded phones here like in usa u get 2 year contract and in 100 $ phones here u vl have to buy unlocked phones

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    02-03-15 04:56 AM

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