01-16-15 02:06 AM
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  1. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    hi i really need help on my bb passport i got it three days ago i did a security wipe in other to change mt bb id and during the process it crashed and requested for a reload and since then av loaded several auto loaders from this site and other sites like n4bb i loaded 10.3.1 and co like Autoload-SQW-100-1- all i get is unknown error by the network place it shows this even without sim and when there is sim i get same error pls i really need help av also sideloaded many radiofiles it ends up crashing the device al over again pls i need help av not enjoyed this device at all
    10-27-14 01:38 AM
  2. StevenChoi's Avatar
    10.3.1 does not support Passport. You need this autoloader:
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    10-27-14 02:01 AM
  3. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    i loaded this too already it dint also work
    10-27-14 03:11 AM
  4. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    i tired this earlier it dint work at all
    10-27-14 03:16 AM
  5. Pdinos3's Avatar
    10.3.1 does not support Passport. You need this autoloader:
    I have 632 on my Passport. Not 634. That's a crippled Dev OS

    Posted via CB10
    10-27-14 08:11 AM
  6. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    not still working
    10-30-14 09:39 AM
  7. Coraya's Avatar
    Load the original Factory OS. This is the Passports fault. Load the factory OS and enjoy your device.

    Posted via CB Q10 or 9000
    10-30-14 09:40 AM
  8. willowbeast's Avatar
    Use link and use option to restore to factory default.

    Posted via CB10
    10-30-14 09:43 AM
  9. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    dint work
    11-04-14 05:26 AM
  10. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    dint still work pls help
    11-04-14 05:27 AM
  11. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    Try running SIC Wipe before running an autoloader.

    11-04-14 05:42 AM
  12. Adif_70's Avatar
    Use official OS. Any leak OS you use at your own risk. BlackBerry did not release that OS. No surprises then.

    Posted with my 5 week old superb Passport!
    11-04-14 07:41 AM
  13. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    used that via bblink it dint work still now it restarts everytime
    11-08-14 03:56 AM
  14. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    samething used that via bblink it dint work still now it restarts everytime
    11-08-14 03:56 AM
  15. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    Did you wipe with SIC as I suggested earlier in the thread and then run the .1418 Autoloader ?
    11-08-14 04:13 AM
  16. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    yes i did
    11-08-14 08:46 AM
  17. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    Sounds like a faulty unit, time to exchange I think.

    Not sure what else you can try.

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    11-08-14 08:52 AM
  18. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    thanks but u can update me if there is a way
    11-08-14 09:10 AM
  19. alan510's Avatar
    I'm not following the sequence of events here. So if I understand correctly, you booted up the Passport for the first time. It asked you to put in your BlackBerry ID. I assume you did that and then proceeded to finishing the set up process. Is that right?

    After it was set up, you wiped your device to set up another BlackBerry ID? Then it crashed during installation. Question: did you try installing other leaked OSes between the time you originally set up your Passport and the security wipe? If so, which leak or leaks did you install? Did you do a backup before?

    Posted via CB10
    11-08-14 09:18 AM
  20. bbjdog's Avatar
    You can try and do it through Blackberry protect (wipe device). You might have a corrupt file.
    Here is the link: https://blackberryid.blackberry.com/...&locale=ZW4%3D
    11-08-14 09:20 AM
  21. Dere Jamal's Avatar
    no back up but av loaded almost every os online
    11-19-14 08:30 PM
  22. Stomps01's Avatar
    Do the factory restored from the BlackBerry site. Just plug in your phone then hold top button in, select your device after a minute or two(may ask you to reboot your phone again) then do the update that comes up. Will load the latest OS on your phone. I do this all the time when I screw up my phone or want to take a leak off my phone.

    Posted via CB10
    11-20-14 09:20 AM
  23. mass wu's Avatar
    hay, did you solve the problem? cause I am facing the same problem with , you got any os work on your device? thx, hope for ur answer.
    12-09-14 01:26 PM
  24. mass wu's Avatar
    any updates? cause i have faced the same problem with you ,you got any solution?
    12-10-14 06:49 AM
  25. achiquitachaser's Avatar
    Any chance anyone has found a solution to this problem?

    Posted via CB10
    12-24-14 09:22 PM
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