1. engrbugs's Avatar
    In US and Canada how much did you pay on your BB Passport? in India cost $835!!! I think I will not buy the device more than $650...

    How much did you pay guys in your new BB Passport??? (in US Dollars so that our answers are uniform and easy to compare)
    09-29-14 03:30 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Your price is already taxed and in the country! That's fair. I am looking at 730USD+ my tax which is about 15% of the purchase price.

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    09-29-14 03:33 AM
  3. StutterStep's Avatar
    Canadians should have gotten it for $669CDN max seeing how Americans got it for $599USD

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    09-29-14 03:38 AM
  4. SK122387's Avatar
    I was shocked that we in the U.S. got it for a discount. I thought BlackBerry would punish us.

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    09-29-14 03:45 AM
  5. engrbugs's Avatar
    The Iphone6 just released here days ago in the Philippines, priced at PHP38,900.00 or $863. But that is Apple... Apple in the eye of every Filipinos. If your carrying Iphone your rich
    09-29-14 03:53 AM
  6. SaHu's Avatar
    I think... given the market reaction, the inventory is a bit constrained and so the device has not been priced as aggressively as first planned in some countries. It's actually not that quick to just produce another few hundred thousand devices, and I would suggest that it could be another month or two before the shortage is addressed.
    09-29-14 04:07 AM
  7. aquaboi924's Avatar
    Lower than what it should be

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    09-29-14 05:03 AM
  8. wilkto's Avatar
    I would be willing to pay R8000/R8500 in South Africa. Any more and I would hesitate and consider a Z30 instead.

    Posted via zedten
    09-29-14 05:13 AM
  9. ramaputra's Avatar
    650 is good price, 700 fair price, 725 still acceptable, 750 is bit too high, 800 is stupid price for sure.

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    09-29-14 05:29 AM

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