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    Dear Sir,

    My experiences with your tech support, customer service and Blackberry Passport, has touched my last nerve, the following is from my heart

    Blackberry Passport, what a piece of crap and Blackberry Support is even worst.

    I purchase a Passport on the day it came out, less than a week later it crashed, the screen frozen, flickered and went black, could not turn off the phone and when this happened while on a call, I had to remove the SIM card to end the call.

    Blackberry Support replaced my cell within days after the techie all support approval with a REFURBISHED cell, where did they get a REFURBISHED Passport one week after it came out ?

    Today, my 5th Passport same issues and at no time would Support tell me why it determined the cell replaceable, they offered me another REFURBISHED Passport, I said NO, I stated that I paid good money for that phone and if it does not work, apply my money to the Priv, they refused!!!

    I have been a Blackberry user and fan for 18 years, each time I bought my phone, man up Blackberry, tell the truth about The Passport and either reimburse me in full or up grade to the Priv


    04-18-16 06:53 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Not to dismiss your issues but who are you talking to? Is this a letter you sent to BlackBerry or something because we're not BlackBerry. If you're having issues with your device we can help attempt to help you but that would require you further explaining the problems you're having currently.
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    04-18-16 06:59 PM
  3. bungaboy's Avatar
    Bad BlackBerry! Bad, Bad BlackBerry!

    04-18-16 07:26 PM

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