10-30-15 04:52 AM
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    So about two hours or a little more ago I picked up Ryan from, you know where, 1 Hacker Way.. That is where Facebook is headquartered.

    Ryan works on Instagram for iOS..
    We had a great conversation about phones..

    I showed him a few tricks that my Passport does and he loved it, at the same time he was pleasantly surprised with the phone.

    He said it is unfortunate that there is a company that produces better phones and software than Android and iOS but not one buys them. Then, he asked why do think is that, that BlackBerry 10 didn't catch up? I said Instagram didn't make app for BlackBerry 10 that's why. We had a laugh.

    But on a serious note I said no one built app for BlackBerry that's why not many people bought their phones and he agreed on that with me.

    We spoke about other stuff but were off topic.

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    10-30-15 04:52 AM
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