1. ratfinkstooley's Avatar
    They say you'll only pay for something what you believe it to be worth (assuming you can afford it). SO, the question for you is how much is the Passport worth to you? The reason I ask this is because new Passports seems to be hard to come by these days, even on 3rd party sites like Amazon and eBay. Let's say you didn't have one at the moment, but you wanted one and knew there was a limited stock, AND you know everything you know currently about this device (it's advantages and limitations) - how much would you pay to get a new one?

    I am guessing most of you wouldn't pay more than maybe $150-$200 at most, but I'm wondering if that's because you either have one already or because you're planning to move on to another device. Your answer is still relevant, but humor me here. IF you didn't have one and they were hard to come by, how much would the Passport be worth to you?

    For me, it's my primary device and I'm hoping it will be so for at least another 12-18 months, AND it makes my life incredibly more productive. So, I would easily pay $500 for a new one even today in 2017. That's going to sound crazy to some of you, but I know all the limitations and I know all the advantages and I know what else is available to me on the market, and I still want and need the Passport, and that's the reason I have two right now, so when one bites the dust, I can fall back on the other one.

    Curious to know your thoughts...
    03-09-17 11:59 AM
  2. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    $200 at most.
    03-09-17 12:16 PM
  3. BlackBerry Wine's Avatar
    I wanted a SE but could not really justify spending that kind of money then Shop blackberry put them on sale. i am using a Z30 that I got new in 2013, never a problem. Then they were sold, gone. I switched over to Amazon.ca, no sale there and I watched their quantity dwindle. Only 15 left then12, then 8 when it reached 5 I bought. A like new from amazon so still covered by their warranty if needed and it can be fixed. The SE I got was, yes, just like new works great and was the same price as Shop Blackberry. So retired Z30 and am using SE. Wife has got over her "hissy fit", all is well.

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    03-09-17 12:32 PM
  4. Master of Surgery's Avatar
    A Gazillion Dollars.

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    03-09-17 01:23 PM
  5. ratfinkstooley's Avatar
    A Gazillion Dollars.

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    What, no white one?
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    03-09-17 01:42 PM
  6. Master of Surgery's Avatar
    What, no white one?
    Right?! The nerve.

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    03-09-17 01:57 PM
  7. rebroker2009's Avatar
    $300 Cdn if it was unlocked and mint but obviously, I would take one for less

    Blackberry Passport and Blue Classic
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    03-09-17 02:01 PM
  8. thurask's Avatar
    About tree fiddy.
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    03-09-17 02:03 PM
  9. crackbb10's Avatar
    If I were to use it as my daily and I didn't have one... €450 easily.

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    03-09-17 02:13 PM
  10. yyz321's Avatar
    $200 if I didn't have one already, because of it's limitations.

    I don't like it enough to start collecting other colors.
    03-09-17 02:31 PM
  11. neoberry99's Avatar
    $169.99 is the most.
    03-09-17 03:39 PM
  12. Praganad's Avatar
    $200 at most.
    same here(new), If I had the money for it though
    03-09-17 03:46 PM
  13. dmlis's Avatar
    From USD 300 to USD 450 depending on the urgency.
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    03-09-17 05:33 PM
  14. Optimus4's Avatar
    The red one is worth a gazillion dollars to me. It will always be the one that got away. That and the blue classic.

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    03-09-17 06:04 PM
  15. krazyatom's Avatar
    Silver and Red are expensive now. I would say black is still very affordable so go for the OG black!
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    03-09-17 06:07 PM
  16. meattray's Avatar
    A Gazillion Dollars.

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    That's a beautiful collection. Very jealous.

    It's tough to say what I would pay but I'd have to say at this point $200-$300?

    I'm pretty comfortable with any device.

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    03-09-17 08:58 PM
  17. sid89's Avatar
    300 usd

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    03-09-17 10:12 PM
  18. siung6's Avatar
    Now maybe 200usd after June prob 100usd

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    03-09-17 11:13 PM
  19. crackbb10's Avatar
    $169.99 is the most.
    That's quite specific there. How 'bout $175? :lol:

    Posted via CB10
    03-10-17 04:11 AM
  20. Huussi's Avatar
    Guess I could sink 250eur.
    03-10-17 04:58 AM

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