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    I visit all the other Phone Sites and have used all the OS variants at some point.

    The Passport surprised the heck out of Me. I kept picking it up in the Carrier Shops, but what I knew about BB10 (and my entire Playbook Experience, less said the better) kept me from doing more than the casual look as I went from Blackberry 7 to Z10, Z30, Nokia 920,1020,1520,and 64XL to Sony Z3, LG Flex, Mega to Nexus 6 and then once I saw the Passport SE I took the plunge. I am a believer and disappointed in what I think is a limted future for BB10. I really think it is a tremendous OS for people looking at Productivity first.

    I was just on Windows Central and reading how Microsoft has ported their Swipe Keyboard for the iPhone.

    Of course some of the Fanboys (every Site has them, heck I've been one from time to time) are screaming about the decision.

    Now, I would be the first one to admit my disappointment with the present state of Windows Mobile.

    Those of us who waited and agonized over the delays and arrival of BB10 know the frustration of new OS Design and Implementation.

    It got me thinking, that I can see a day where you buy a piece of Hardware only for a Phone and load the Software you want.

    If it was Me, here is what I would want;

    Passport Form Factor
    Physical Keyboard
    BlackBerry Hub
    Windows Mobile Start Screen
    Microsoft Office Suite
    Blackberry Antenna
    Microsoft Edge
    Apple Screen Tech
    Apple Camera
    Android App Store

    Basically all the best options from any of the OS.

    I think that day is coming, but it just got me thinking.

    What would I want and why I like seeing the Priv, Windows on iOs and Android, and App Store on BB.

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-16 09:33 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    If BlackBerry were to just improve on core native apps, to me, fb, twitter, linkedin to utilise provided api's, I'd be happy.
    01-15-16 11:47 PM

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