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    The folks up in Waterloo were brainstorming last year and said, "Look, as far as devices, we need to blend the Q10 and the Bold because we have a significant market that will buy it...but that isn't gonna turn this ship around. On top of that, we need to come up with a completely different smart phone. One that catches the eye and gets people talking."

    After much planning they settled on the Passport and went to work. This will be the make or break device. Yes, they will have the tried and true Classic and the all touchy-feely devices, but this will be the only one that has a chance to create a brushfire. It's different...and we will see when it is released if it us different for all the right reasons.

    My hope is that the Passport will reign in a new kind of smart phone...where the square aspect ratio becomes the preferred ratio vs the now "classic" rectangular models that every company manufactures now a days.

    I applaud the move. They had to go all in...and the Z and Q series was not it. Those were a bluff. At the end of the year they will push in the chips and stand behind the chair and see what comes up in the river.

    Here's one that hopes they turn up a Royal Flush.

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    ^^^ I second that opinion ^^^

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    06-23-14 05:18 PM
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    As an attorney, I could see it being a popular device in my field, and I already know a business exec who wants one, so the device will sell. The question is, how many will sell?

    The design could be an issue. First, you can forget about single-handedly typing on this device. Next, the style will be faulted by many media outlets as freakishly ugly. Third, the new keyboard will likely present a learning curve, which could intimidate potential converts. And for those not coming from BB10, this could be a lot of change to handle in one go.

    The 1to1 ratio is an issue because the more popular 16x9 aspect ratio is great for media consumption, though the larger screen could help with that concern.

    The specs sound solid. What a relief. I love my Z30, but this device sounds much more future proof.

    The price will likely be quite high, which will prove to be a strong headwind to large sale numbers. In the US, I worry about carrier support. Verizon was worthless to the Z30 as an exclusive partner, AT&T is hated by most everyone, Sprint is a non-factor and Chen and T-Mobile aren't getting along at the moment. So, I suppose AT&T, as much as it pains me, would be the way to go, unless T-Mo would push the device.

    The carrier subsides are essential to make the device affordable for many people who won't spend $750 on a phone. More importantly, the more novel the device, the more people will need to see it in person, so you need the Passport in brick and mortar stores so the showcase shoppers can have a look. I'd like a look myself, but I'm an all touchscreen guy now, so no promises on a sale.

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    Calling it a "make or break" device is maybe a bit over the top... but I agree I think it could be a device that again appeals to the business market and pulls more users their way.

    I think it's more or less sending the message that "we can't be apple, we don't want to be apple, we understand the vast majority of people are blindly enamored by Apple.. this is our market, we're the best at our market"

    It will be interesting to see if it gets any attention or not

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    06-24-14 02:46 AM
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    What seems to me to be missing at this point is we have no idea what BlackBerry's intention IS with this phone. We don't know if it will even be available to the general public / consumer. Maybe the carrier speculation is moot? Maybe it's strictly a regulated industries device? Maybe only available through enterprise resellers?

    I am interested in the phone, and hope I can buy one. But let's see if we can get some info from the powers that be whether or not we should even get our hopes up as, ahem, PROsumers.

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    06-24-14 02:59 AM
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    Pricing will be key if the passport is going to sell. My main concern is that Apple is going to release the iPhone 6 later this year even though they haven't announced it yet, they will.

    If BlackBerry sets a 700-750 price tag on the passport, I am afraid that the consumer who has that kind of money to shell out for a new device would buy the iPhone first, if not for the resale value alone.

    I am hoping they are smart on bring the device to market with a 499.00 tag for an unlocked model? That would give the person who might be thinking of switching platforms something to think about, in terms of a value added device, just my two cents.

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    06-24-14 03:18 AM
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    I fully agree with you that anything similar to your run of the mill touchscreen device was going the way of sony's devices, attractive but who cares? I'm a business person myself and I need the utmost mobility so the fact it doesn't have a removable battery will preclude me from ever buying one.

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    06-24-14 03:19 AM
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    Third, the new keyboard will likely present a learning curve, which could intimidate potential converts. And for those not coming from BB10, this could be a lot of change to handle in one go.

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    This is the reason why there's so little converts of qwerty bb7 to bb10. I bet top executives that were given a Q10 returned it a week after and requested their old bb7 back. PP may suffer the same fate. Give them the Classic then that could've made a different story.

    06-24-14 03:34 AM

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