1. mezo16's Avatar
    Hi guys*
    I'm using blackberry passport for while and I have unlimited monthly data plan, but for only 23 days of using unlimited plan on the passport I noticed that tow things consuming so much data*which is android player & standby :
    This is the highest apps usage during 23 days :
    Browser 16.1 gb
    FastTube 8.8 gb
    Android player 1.9 gb
    Hub browser 1.2 gb
    Standby 1.1 gb
    All these things I know I was using but I don't know what's standby and android player and what do they do and why they use so much of my network data.. if someone can tell me I will be thankful and how I can reduce their usage of data..*
    Thanks in advance guys
    12-28-15 11:49 AM
  2. pboud_01's Avatar
    The android player is the actual framework on which all of your android applications will run. It is the 4.3(?) version of Android proper, modified to BlackBerry specifications.

    Standby is your phone just hanging out, waiting for you to do something with it.


    Posted via my fantabulous blackberry passport, a beast among sheep.
    12-28-15 12:37 PM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    It's your Android apps using the data. The player / runtime doesn't really use data.
    12-28-15 12:51 PM
  4. Rustybronco's Avatar
    if someone can tell me I will be thankful and how I can reduce their usage of data..*

    Thanks in advance
    Keep data turned off when not needed. Use only app's that can be set to not run when minimized. Or my way is stop Amazon apps from starting altogether, using 'Snap' to install the few Android app's I do use and to use them sparingly.

    I think I've used around 36Mb over the past two months.
    12-28-15 12:56 PM

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