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    Hi. I am traveling in the USA. And my BB10 service is not from the USA. When I landed in US soil I turned my data services OFF (as you can see in the attached screenshot).

    However I left the Mobile Network option ON and disabled the Data Services. I have been able to receive phone calls without problem and of course I am unable to use internet from the phone. I only use it when I connect to WiFi.

    I have been in the US for several weeks. Today when looking at my phone bill I found out that they are charging me a daily charge for using data services in roaming mode for just a few days (9 out of 27) out the period I have been traveling.

    I talked to my carriers customer service and they said that it is just what their system tells them.

    One customer representative said to me that if I use voice I obviously use data so there is nothing to dispute. Plop!.

    My next step is to dispute charges in writing and escalate the case. It is frustrating. But they have to produce the burden of proof about it.

    I was wondering if any of you knows if there is a way to check for phone logs showing that I actually used data services in roaming according to data recorded in my phone. I generated logs in Blackberry Link, but I don't find something that will give me a clue about it.

    Another explanation I thought about is that I turned off and on the phone a few times during my trip, so I thought that probably during start up, the phone connects briefly to the foreign data network and then disables data services, and that that short connection is enough to be considered as my phone using a data services in roaming for that day.

    Is there any way to see logs in the phone that shows when it was turned on or off?

    Weird Data Roaming charge. Any way to check logs to confirm data services being used-roaming01.jpgWeird Data Roaming charge. Any way to check logs to confirm data services being used-roaming02.jpg

    The attached pictures show the current state of my phone and how it has been since I landed in the US. I also checked today what happened if I enabled data services and a screen says if I want to use data service while roaming, I click on NO. But I then again disabled Data Services to be in the safe side.

    And now that I recall, it is the first time I travel abroad with a Passport. I have used my Q10 since it was out and before that other bb phones and nothing like that has happened to me when traveling outside of my country. Now with Passport this is the first time that something like what I described has occurred.

    Any clues as why my carrier believes that I have used data services while in roaming? Any way to check for phone logs to support my case?

    I appreciate your comments, suggestions and ideas.

    Thank you
    07-17-16 01:18 PM
  2. PHughes's Avatar
    Turn "Data Services While Roaming" to off, not, "Prompt."
    07-17-16 01:21 PM

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