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    Since loading the .2480 update on my Passport, everything runs perfectly except---I use Outlook 2007 (desktop) and sync my Outlook calendar (not contacts) with my passport using Link. It works perfectly again with no issues--as long as I add the events on the pc desktop first, then it syncs over to the phone without fail. HOWEVER, if I try to load an event on the phone first, it doesn't show on the phone when saved UNLESS, I have not only the Outlook calendar checked in the management tool, but also the "US HOLIDAYS--read only" calendar checked, and then it loads it in the read only calendar but not the Outlook calendar, and this calendar will not sync with my Outlook. So the only option I have is to load them in the read only calendar and copy them by hand to the outlook.. How weird is that and does anyone have an idea why this is happening. I'm very familiar with the calendar operations but I can't figure this one out. Thanks!!
    03-10-15 07:53 PM
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    Scratch it! Didn't have the correct calendar checked on accounts'duh?

    Posted via CB10
    03-10-15 08:49 PM

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