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    After a week of using the Passport I have to say it is the best smartphone I've ever owned, even besting the Xperia Z1. After going through various Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows Phone devices, I was using a One M8 that drove me crazy. Read a ton of reviews on the Passport and took a chance despite being incredibly paranoid about screen lifting issues.

    The problems I had with BBOS from the 9930 are completely erased. BB10 is amazing, I used to have a PlayBook and ended up selling that due to lack of app support, so this feels nostalgic to me in a great way- the gestures and screen swiping make using the phone a breeze. Once I got Google Maps (ty Cobalt) on the phone working perfectly, there is nothing I "miss" from not having an Android or iOS device.

    I am still a little worried that my device might have screen lifting issues since it was made Oct 30 2014, but I am trying to just enjoy it and not let that get to me. The build quality is great on this phone, but things like the double tape on my box make me question what the hell is going on with BB.

    Anyway, to contribute to these boards I wanted to pass on a pouch sold through Amazon that fits the OEM Hard Shell Case-
    This pouch combined with the hard shell provide good protection without adding a lot of bulk.

    My smartphone history: Motorola Droid, Bold 9930, iPhone 4, Lumia 928, Xperia Z1, HTC One M8, and now the BlackBerry Passport. I also use an iPhone 6 for work but I don't do anything personal on that since it's company issued.
    01-26-15 06:46 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Congrats on finding a phone that fits the bill! Good luck with it!
    01-29-15 03:00 PM

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