1. islandp's Avatar
    After a week with Passport I must say I am happy that I purchased it. It took me a while to adjust with no home and back buttons and to get used to the keyboard and the system and software although OS10 wasn't my first encounter since the bloody stupid Z10 that made me go back to the old and trusty Bold 9900

    I was reluctant at first to use it as my main phone as I use Google Map quite a fair bit especially during travelling and camera on my Sammy Note3. But with Snap to sideload the sea of Android Apps like Google map plus a more responsive camera and native communications apps like BB travel, Whatsapp, Skype, Tweeter etc I can say that it can replace my Sammy note3 quite well. Couple with excellent keyboard and wider screen that makes it easier to read documents on the go I must say this is the Blackberry I am happy with.

    This Passport is not for everyone. Some of its built in apps like calculator already come with unit converters so no need to install another app. To those dumb and dumbers who need many useless applications to kill time and struggle with simple sideloading, then Iphone and Android would be better. For busy professionals that zipping in and out of meetings and airport lounges this passport is a productive companion whose security none ios and android can rival.

    PS: My other half wants a white Passport. She has ordered a bi-color stich Hermes Tarmac leather case even before it arrived here
    10-03-14 01:48 AM
  2. The Me's Avatar
    Have you heard of a release date for the white one?

    Posted via CB10
    10-03-14 02:09 AM
  3. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    Pleased to hear that you have adapted to the Passport from a Bold 9900.

    I am facing the same learning curve after 3 years on the 9900 when my Passport arrives later today but without the benefit of any Bb10 device experience.

    Guess it will be tough at first but will be well worth the effort.
    10-03-14 03:17 AM

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