1. zishanyang's Avatar
    WeChat 6.0 introduced a new feature, Sight, which is capture a piece of video like a gif animation. love this feature, It works on Z10 & Z30 pretty well, but in Passport the video captured is all messed up. looks like the format is wrong! Why is that? anybody know?

    I've tested on the new OS, same issue.
    11-12-14 10:05 AM
  2. BBnose1's Avatar
    You may try download the apk file from their official site. No need to got to Google store. Which has a update version of Wechat. Choose Android version. Do not select Blackberry version which is an old version of Wechat.
    02-10-15 01:19 PM
  3. Nay Linn Oo's Avatar
    I happen like this.it is easy. open Wechat first and then touch the top edge of the screen and swipe down.You will see Hide bar and size. pls press size and choose rectangular then change.And then close Wechat and open it again. You can take Slight Video.note that latest version is not compatible.pls try Wechat 6.2.4 apk.

    11-30-16 06:15 AM
  4. JuiciPatties's Avatar
    I downloaded an earlier version as the most current Android version did not work for me. I am currently on 6.3.13 and that "Sight" function works for me. I actually didn't know what this function was until I saw your post here. I'm not a WeChat person, but downloaded it for one friend who moved to China and that is all they allow them to use. Communism at its finest.

    See if you can download the apk of the version I mentioned and let us know if it works. I'm running it on my unlocked AT&T passport.
    ahhhlain likes this.
    11-30-16 11:01 AM

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