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    Go to the Android store from an android and purchase the full version of Weather Station it's made by a developer by the name of Dromsys.

    You will see the preview one has bars the next on the right has color the third has colorful weather pressure map. You can't miss em.

    Download the APK send to your phone by way of an app share that send it through email is the easiest way.

    Is it fully compatible? Yes and no because it will crash when you change the color and or looks in any way but it don't fear it come back to life with no issues but it will come up with the color you pick but don't change the color it won't look right from what I can tell.

    It also tells the time and weather at the times you choose.

    It's an app that my android hates because it doesn't fire off the audio alerts through my speaker but through my Bluetooth if connected however my BlackBerry Passport loves it and so it's found a new home and I didn't waste cash on an app this time.

    You'll like this app the BlackBerry store and Amazon store just can't seems help us anymore..
    Good luck!!!!

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    01-12-18 01:04 AM
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    Neat. No need for a weather station for me, but still cool.
    01-12-18 12:46 PM

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