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    Looking for some help here. Currently, am using a Q10 on Verizon but have an unlocked Passport on its way. Now I must admit this may be simple and I've just made it more difficult than it needs to be. The AT&T rep told me they will have a SIM for me and I can port my number over but they won't be able transfer and thing over such as contacts, calendar, photos, etc. because they don't have the equipment yet.

    Can't I just do a device data transfer on BB Link? Isn't that one of the things link is for? Or what about an SD Card? There's gotta be away to take stuff off a VZW phone and move it to a GSM phone whether made for AT&T or not?
    10-27-14 08:02 PM
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    BBLink should transfer your stuff over. Another way is to setup a gmail account on the Q10 and sync calendar/contacts. Setting up that same gmail account on the new device will bring everything over automatically. Pictures can be transferred via Dropbox or Box.
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    10-27-14 08:49 PM
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    I did the exact same thing minus the contacts. I have my contacts through gmail so it just get linked to the cloud. Hit me up if you have any question.

    BBM: 2BE2D809

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    10-27-14 08:55 PM

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