1. Publisher1963's Avatar
    As the title says, really. WTF...

    (Store in Bristol FWIW)

    Posted via CB10... on my Z30 10.2.1
    09-23-14 03:33 PM
  2. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    As the title says, really. WTF...

    (Store in Bristol FWIW)

    Posted via CB10... on my Z30 10.2.1
    Was on the fence between Passport and Classic but seems like decision has been made for me !!!

    Hope that Voda will carry the Classic or my 9900 will have to soldier on !!!
    09-23-14 03:38 PM
  3. Banco's Avatar
    Individual stores may or may not. If to them really. As long as Vodafone themselves do, it's not that important.

    We know where BlackBerry are, it's all about making stores want to.

    Posted via CB10
    09-23-14 03:40 PM
  4. Aneres11's Avatar
    This would surprise me if true as Vodafone generally have a great range of BlackBerry handsets. Maybe the store just don't know anything about it so are just telling you no? Having said that, their coming soon page doesn't mention anything about them getting the Passport so maybe they won't be stocking? Shame if not, as I don't think the other UK carriers will be either.
    09-23-14 04:24 PM
  5. Vicki Kenny's Avatar
    I think the carriers will start stocking it from mid Oct, provided reviews are positive. Gone are the days Blackberry can demand stocking on release day...
    09-23-14 04:34 PM
  6. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    Just been chatting to a Vodafone UK Customer Services rep.

    He told me that Voda UK will be carrying the Passport and that they will be updating their customer tomorrow (25th Sep)

    Exerts from chat with CS copied below:

    "we will update our customers tomorrow"

    "We will be carrying that be rest assure about that "
    09-24-14 08:44 AM

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