1. icyfridge's Avatar
    Hey all. I have a Passport on right now, and I left iPhone for the physical keyboard on this thing.

    However, I have a hard time playing any type of video (or even GIFS). I just see a black screen with the loading circle endlessly loading. I've restarted the app, the phone itself, killed the app in device monitor, etc with no luck.
    I can play videos I take with the device no problem, but I can't watch videos on Youtube, Reddit, or anything in the browser basically.
    Even the Reddit App 1.5.5 (can't get any other version working) freezes video the same way.

    Any thoughts on this? I browse Reddit quite often, and I'm annoyed by this and actually considering a different phone that actually loads videos. I have to wait until I get to work to load the video on my computer and finally watch it.
    12-24-17 08:14 PM
  2. brookie229's Avatar
    Have you tried Reddit in Motion app in BBW. Video works for me on my Passport but sometimes is slow to load.

    Posted via CB10
    12-26-17 12:41 AM

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