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    My Passport was in my rear pocket when I climbed a mountain (5.5 hours), and it got sweated on during that time. That was about one week ago. Yesterday I detached the case covering the back of the phone and saw some moisture on both the phone and the case. All seems fine, except that since the day of the mountain climb I notice that when I record a video with it, the audio on playback is tinny and sounds really distant. BBVE microphone check was fine; no issues on phone calls or quality of playback on voice notes. I've done a hard boot which did not resolve the problem. Software release is; OS version

    I hope this is not a hardware issue because I assume with the moisture there would be no warranty coverage. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
    08-25-15 08:28 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Should have stuck in a bag of rice to suck that moisture out. BBVE wouldn't detect any issues due to moisture unless it was entirely dead. You can still try it but I doubt it'll help if you 'fried' it out by not acting quickly and instead basically helping it along in.
    08-25-15 05:15 PM

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