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    Hello everyone, I'm curious that even with the blackberry sale, the passport is unattainable for me. I was thinking of going the used route. How much should a used BlackBerry passport set me back? Any input is appreciated. Thank you

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    05-08-15 07:49 PM
  2. jsing2010's Avatar
    I think that depends on how much you're willing to pay but a good starting point is checking out amazon and ebay

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    05-08-15 08:00 PM
  3. StayClassy101's Avatar
    I see the black passport starting around 380 for most of them. Amazon is 390$. I wouldn't mind spending the extra 10$ knowing in case something is wrong with the device and sending it back. Just want to know if 400$ is a good price point for a used passport.

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    05-08-15 08:14 PM
  4. eyeb's Avatar
    I paid $450 for my att one, but I've had it for about a month and a half so it was slightly "newer" then.
    If you want to go through the hassle of getting it unlocked (or paying outright for the code, someone else does the work with att for you), I like the ATT better (better in that I never had the original to compare to). I don't even use the wireless charging which was why I bought it. I just like the rounded corners and it seems to have less "issues" with the structure from what it sounds like on here, most of the screen lifting problems are on original pp (think I only saw one post on it from an att version, and I haven't seen it since so maybe they fixed it?) .

    The lack of accessories is a pain because it means the prices are higher. But it's a one time purchase like the phone so I don't mind now that I have it all bought. Since I won't be switching anything on it until I get another phone in like 5 years (that seems to be how long it takes me to break a phone :S)
    05-08-15 08:19 PM
  5. StayClassy101's Avatar
    I have T-Mobile and I like the original design. But as long as I'm buying in the right ballpark. I'd feel better in my purchase.

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    05-08-15 08:26 PM
  6. RLTurn77's Avatar
    The Passport seems to be holding resale value well to the point that you may just be better off getting a new one with support including return policy, warranty, etc. The shopblackberry sale is ending, but there will be coupon codes if you keep an eye out.

    My original black Passport from shortly after launch was purchased brand new from shopblackberry with a coupon code for $449. Purchased a red Passport during Black Friday sale for $499. Much different than the Z and Q series resale value that plummeted pretty fast. Paid the $449 in Sept/Oct and red for $499 in Nov. So we are about eight months after release.

    Unless you find a decent deal, I'd try for a new one. You also have the option of buying insurance rather cheap from BlackBerry if you buy new which covers user abuse and cracked screens. I'm guestimating here, but in order for me to even look at a used Passport it would have to be no more than $300 considering what I paid for 8 months ago with all of the perks of buying new. Still under warranty and all that good stuff.

    Just keep in mind that you are getting an eight month old device with great deals available new. Not sure how well you will fair in the used market.

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    05-08-15 09:52 PM
  7. jsing2010's Avatar
    RLTurn77 brings up a good point

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    05-08-15 10:27 PM
  8. StayClassy101's Avatar
    That is a very good point. Currently(including coupons) the cheapest I found new is 520(not inc. Tax). And I know if I don't get it now, I'll end up staying with my q10 or eventually going with the classic on tmobile but that would be settling I think. Amazon warehouse has it used and amazon has a great return policy in case they send me a defective used unit. I think I'll try amazon and could get it around 420 used. To me, as long as it is works I'm good.

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    05-08-15 10:38 PM
  9. Poi25's Avatar
    I would absolutely buy used and not new. That's how I purchase 99.9% of my phones. I'm constantly buying and selling devices.

    At this point, the OG Passport is quite close to the $300 mark on the used market. The other day, a few Passports sold on Swappa for $320 that were in mint condition.

    BlackBizzle my nizzle
    05-08-15 10:47 PM
  10. StayClassy101's Avatar
    I did check swappa, unfortunately I wasn't lucky to grab one of those. All that's left is two available for 380$. Being used, my primary concern is a good return policy in case I get a lemon refub or used unit. Whoever got those sub 380$ units are lucky.

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    05-08-15 10:55 PM

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