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    Device : Passport
    Carrier: Telus
    Model: SQ100-1

    Scenario with the key working

    I can plug my USB OTG cable into my passport , my Yubikey is detected.
    When opening DocsToGo I am able to press the Yubikey button the OTP is entered into my open document.
    When opening a SMS window or EMAIL message I get the same result.

    Problem Scenario with the key NOT working

    When I am in the Blackberry browser and trying to authenticate against radius enabled services, or the Yubikey radius OTP test page. When pressing the button on the Yubikey only a partial sample of the OTP is displayed.
    This is the same if I press the OTP button when in the address bar.
    I do not get the full password. It seems that it enters the password slowly.
    I can describe this as a character input rate limit.

    The same thing happens when trying to use SSH app ...
    You can see my frustration ...

    I have wiped the device. Same problem.

    Looking forward to any and all help on this!
    Thanks everyone!
    10-15-14 09:28 PM

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