03-31-15 02:46 PM
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  1. Scrybe's Avatar
    Seems to be working for me now too

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    03-22-15 07:04 AM
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    Hello guys,
    i have newest software and OS version, but OTG just doesn't work. I have one modern external HDD and a normal USB stick but both aren't accepted. I tried all the workarounds posted but no success. Does anyone has advice for me what's going on? I reloaded it with no success, too.

    I just recently bought the Passport from an online retailer to test if it suits my needs. If I purchase a high end smartphone for 500+ I need it to be a desktop replacement just in case. If even one thing doesn't work it's a no go for me and I'll have to send it back. That would be a shame as it really looks like the only real business phone on the entire market to me. Even the Note4 seems much to casual Android oriented. I'm really looking for help urgently. BTW: very cool forum you got here! Thanks!
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    03-31-15 02:46 PM
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