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    ok just got on here and I really do not know what the heck is going on .. I had a update pending on my Balck berry passport. I hate to update as it often times changes things that I am used to or that I like. Apple is famous for ******* iTunes etc. Now it is not saving my earlier txts it is not sending txts when i go to answer a text it just gives me a blank txt page instead of giving me the conversation. I have tried several times to send things and i get a quick message saying "cannot save conversation" But it is not sending for sure . SInce the update. of my 10 os to What am I doing wrong ? Where do I undo the preset function if tht is the issue?
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    03-26-17 05:21 PM
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    What update, exactly?
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    03-26-17 05:43 PM
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    03-26-17 07:20 PM
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    Now it won't even show me TXT it just keeps wanting to give me blackberry hub which i do not even need or use. gosh danger
    03-26-17 07:21 PM
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    It is the update for the 10 os. anyone? I no longer can receive or send txts..gahh..
    03-27-17 01:18 PM
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    I have the. 1435 haven't received the notification for the new variant. Am on BB SE. Now you creeping me out if the update will affect texting which is the backbone function. Please anyone confirm on the update please am also joining on the cries.... :-)

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    03-27-17 01:22 PM
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    You mean there is a. 1465? Find my screen shot with what I have now for my BB SE and it says it's the latest update. Unless it hasn't reached this part of the world am in East Africa. But I thought. BB releases global updates at the same time?

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    Attached Thumbnails Update seems to have bungled txting abilities.-img_20170327_213042.png  
    03-27-17 01:33 PM

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