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    Hey guy, I was just wondering if it is possible to unlock the passport by pressing a key instead of swiping up or reaching the power button...

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    10-31-15 05:59 AM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    Thankfully not!

    There's two options there as you stated, the swipe up or the power button. You can use either or both, but no random presses of the keyboard are going to do it. And for good reason. A pocket dialing nightmare that would be!

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    10-31-15 06:07 AM
  3. wildfire3062's Avatar
    Letter U plus return key will unlock

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    10-31-15 06:19 AM
  4. just_luc's Avatar
    Letter U plus return key will unlock

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    Don't you have to swipe first to wake up the screen and enable the keyboard though?

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    10-31-15 06:24 AM
  5. wildfire3062's Avatar

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    10-31-15 06:42 AM
  6. jafrul's Avatar
    Nope. Just press U button once to lit the phone and swipe up to open.
    Or press U button and enter to go straight to unlock (if it's lock) or open.

    SECURED to the CORE RedBerryan PassportSQW100-1/ from Malaysia
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    10-31-15 06:45 AM
  7. just_luc's Avatar
    Hrmm, I've always had a password on my devices.

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    10-31-15 07:54 AM

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