1. Walter Rubin's Avatar
    Anyone getting good phone and Internet service with any carrier? T-Mobile worked fine for two years but now the phone is a disaster on their new towers. Verizon's network said not to be compatible with the Blackberry Passport. What carriers work???

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    11-03-16 10:02 AM
  2. zhongtiao1's Avatar
    At&t is the only other major carrier. Any MVNO based on at&t should work as well.

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    11-03-16 10:08 AM
  3. shawnreum's Avatar
    Tmobile works great for me here.

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    11-03-16 10:28 AM
  4. LT1500's Avatar

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    11-03-16 11:50 AM
  5. Walter Rubin's Avatar
    My Blackberry Passport's network connection has been non-existent or quite sporadic for last three months. Most of the time it said Emergency Calls Only! Of course I could use wi-fi where available but I've been carrying a flip phone around with me so I could get calls since I've had no phone service. Even when my phone said 4GLTE I wasn't able to get internet or phone. Tried security wipe, hard and soft resets, turning airplane mode on and off, replacing Sim card three times. I was worried maybe defective sim tray or antenna problem. T-Mobile suggested reinstalling operating system. I didn't know that a security wipe and reinstalling the Blackberry 10 operating system were not the same. That did the trick-except for indoor my apartment house-which can be corrected with free Cellspot router from T-Mobile. Before reinstalling the OS make sure you have complete backup on Link so you can restore everything when done-apps, photos etc.

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    11-12-16 09:57 AM
  6. trutledge83's Avatar
    I bought mine from amazon and have it att works perfect! No issues at all perfect lte connection and reception. Text messages and picture messages good to go

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    11-12-16 11:55 AM
  7. Walter Rubin's Avatar
    Does your Blackberry Passport with AT&T work inside malls. Mine with t-Mobile gets no phone and no internet (except wi-fi)

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    11-12-16 02:52 PM
  8. shawnreum's Avatar
    Does your Blackberry Passport with AT&T work inside malls. Mine with t-Mobile gets no phone and no internet (except wi-fi)

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    My Passport works in malls. Actually some buildings it works perfectly good inside and others it is spotty.

    Like my house, one end of the house it has no issues, but the other end it goes in and out.
    11-14-16 10:23 PM
  9. Walter Rubin's Avatar
    Blackberry users on T-Mobile's network will be experiencing non-service or sporadic service at best till at least Mid-January as the carrier is doing a massive updating of their towers as per their tech support expert I spoke to today. So just changing sim cards, reloading operating systems etc. won't solve any Emergency Calls Only or no network found warnings. Or sometimes I seemed to be on 4GLTE yet no phone or Internet.

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    11-15-16 02:08 PM

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