1. mass wu's Avatar
    hay guys, my pp works well for several week , after update the os last week from the push, yesterday suddenly has Unknown Error Icon on the home screen and the sim card shows unknown source, and restore again and again ,i tried 1154, 997 ,686 but still the same problem , i bought the pp from clove from uk and use the simcard from K.S.A is that matters? thx
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    12-10-14 07:15 AM
  2. achiquitachaser's Avatar
    Did you ever get this resolved? I am having the same issue as well
    12-24-14 11:44 AM
  3. mass wu's Avatar
    not yet , I even went to a local repair shop ,but no solution . if you bought it from the carrier , I advised you to change a new from them. but until now i found no answer from the forum and any others.
    12-24-14 11:50 PM
  4. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    Still nothing here. I'm waiting on BlackBerry for RMA instructions actually but still trying what I think may work. I have seen quite a few blogs with exact same problem on Z10s so this is very troubling to say the least. I did order another Passport after first one started giving trouble but I'm no longer the most confident in this device.
    01-12-15 11:55 AM

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