1. dangeng's Avatar
    Hello everybody,
    I hope somebody can help me here...

    I have an unknown device in my "device connections" (Passport).
    Don't know where that comes from. I only had my laptop connected
    with the Passport never another computer. I already made two security wipes...
    Sometimes I can delete this unknown device but after a while the unknown "Desktop-xxxx" is back!

    Anybody an idea? Can you please check your "device connections" if you have also a unknown computer?

    Drives me crazy...
    12-19-14 07:07 AM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    that's your laptop - whats the name of it? that should be the same. Like mine is labeled Toshiba and it's there
    12-19-14 07:10 AM
  3. Nick Spagnolo's Avatar
    It may be another computer / printer / TV monitor / device within range of your Passport

    12-19-14 07:11 AM
  4. PhonePuddin's Avatar
    12-19-14 07:17 AM
  5. MrGlenn's Avatar
    Desktop-xxxx is the default name BBLink uses for a connection. At early versions of the OS/Link you probably at some point did a Wipe or run an Autoloader or reinstalled Link without changing that default name, and this messed things up.

    Now it will show up permanently, because Link thinks there are two devices connected when it is actually just one. As far as I know there is no work around to fix this, these Desktop-xxxx names are just registered in the Cloud somewhere so they will show up every time the connection refreshes. I don't know of any way to "unlink" them from your BBID.

    Source: I have two of those Desktop-xxxx names in my list and know for sure they were at some point the default name for my Laptop.

    BlackBerry Passport signed @ C0007CC89
    12-19-14 07:18 AM
  6. dangeng's Avatar
    My Laptop is there too. But there is this other device with the name Desktop-xxxx...
    I don't have anything around here. Especially not a Desktop computer.
    My router is only connected with my Laptop and Passport...
    12-19-14 07:21 AM
  7. Nick Spagnolo's Avatar
    Maybe your next door neighbor

    12-19-14 07:36 AM
  8. MrGlenn's Avatar
    Please understand what I was trying to say:
    Desktop-xxxx is just a default name. it does not mean an actual Desktop, it is the name BBLink gives to any device when first started.
    It is a common error, when you change the name to the one your Laptop has, that the old name is not removed.

    It will always show up, and you cannot use it to view any files, and you cannot permanently remove it. Unfortunately it is just an error. It is not some mysterious device.

    BlackBerry Passport signed @ C0007CC89
    12-19-14 12:38 PM
  9. Brazen9000's Avatar
    It's a shame we can't delete these. I have a slew of them, I delete them on the device but then they just reappear.
    12-19-14 06:25 PM

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