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    Ive been rocking a blackberry torch for 3 years this November (it will be 4 years old). I absolutely love the device.
    My blackberry torch still works but its getting old and outdated and I could do with an upgrade. I held off on the Z10 due to money but also as it was a new platform. I love the new blackberry passport, the specs are everything ive wanted in a blackberry..
    Blackberry dont seem to be learning though! The price in the US is $600 but in the UK it is 529!? Only 10 cheaper then the Iphone 6. At the $600 price tag (369) I wasnt as unsure as the price was great. It is a niche phone, I dont expect to pay a premium price for a device that is slow at opening up the camera and also has a slow voice assistant. This phone should be no more then 400 to appeal to more customers.
    Also is it not about time blackberry had some reward scheme for people who have stuck with blackberry, like trade in ur old blackberry and got 100 off.
    Another thing, since this phone is aimed more at the enterprise level, did noone at blackberry consider that the majority off business people like their phones in holsters so this would be very uncomfortable in a holster.
    I also notice that the Apple keynotes never have people saying "umm" or have silence of more then 1 second.. But this occurred when Chen was delivering the keynote. At one point, he puts his hand in his side pocket!? Theres a time and place. Personally I preferred "Jeff Gadway" as he was confident and his delivery just flowed (just like bb10 )
    Oh and another thing, the app called "device switch app" is not even available to bbos.
    Jeff quotes the Passport as a 4gb ram device.. when the slide says 3gb, it takes him time to recover but he didnt even correct himself.
    I must admit though, the advert they show for the Passport is the best I have ever seen from blackberry.
    Also I heard nothing about having the notification LED?! Thats like the Blackberry feature which should always exist just like a battery. The only reason I know it is still there is because of ONE picture.. Market it Chen!
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    thanks for your thoughts!
    10-01-14 05:31 PM
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    �10 cheaper than the 16GB iPhone 6 remember. 16GB that can't be expanded. Not much use really.

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    10-01-14 05:34 PM

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