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    Trying hard to hold onto my passport. Love OS 10, but each day it is harder as other system just walk forward and leave BlackBerry in the dust. Just purchased a new Ford F150 with Sync 3. Sync 3 is based on BlackBerry QNX. It is a great system. Figured since BlackBerry owns QNX, integration with my passport would be stellar. WRONG. Perfect integration with Siri but unable to use BlackBerry Assistant. Com'on. Gives us a break. How does one even begin to understand what BlackBerry is doing. They don't even support their own phones on their QNX car system!!

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    02-28-16 09:03 PM
  2. semime's Avatar
    You would think that the Blackberry devices would offer the full feature set of Sync 3. I've been curious of the reasons that is not so myself.
    03-03-16 07:43 PM

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