1. JVRudnick's Avatar
    everytime I hit SYNC calendar/contacts...it appears like that gets done...but it fails...

    the message that I get is the subject here...and I can't seem to find an answer...but I
    know that there must be one...

    anyone know what I've done wrong to get that error - as the Passport has been doing
    that sync for months perfectly....but not as of today?
    06-29-15 04:29 PM
  2. JVRudnick's Avatar
    folks....am I the only doofus who gets this?

    06-30-15 02:08 PM
  3. Jim Wolfson's Avatar
    EDIT: I figured it out.

    You need to create a log file via BlackBerry Link, then open and search that file for an error labeled "18015". Just above that is the entry that crashed sync. In my case, it was a recurring event. I deleted that event from both MS Outlook and BlackBerry Calendar, resync'd and all is working fine again - I just re-entered that recurring event from scratch.

    Here's the technical note describing the process (very long URL) it's Article ID: KB35709 in the Knowledge Database:


    I hope this fixes your problem as well.

    I just started getting this error message as well, after a week on the road with no sync, and over a month after you had the problem.

    Did you ever figure it out?

    I'm on a Z10 with
    Last edited by Jim Wolfson; 08-07-15 at 02:06 PM. Reason: Fixed, and documented KB article showing how
    08-07-15 01:37 PM
  4. JVRudnick's Avatar
    this has been such a bloody sore spot - not knowing whether or not to trust the BB calendar or not..sigh...
    and not a soul pipped up till you Jim!

    MUCH thanks. worked the fix as per the URLs and it's all synched up now fine...

    but why would this happen? I have the BBLink 1.2.4x updates and it still couldn't get past a dang old meeting from back in June...so yes I deleted that occurrance on both my Outlook & BB and all is well...

    this is just freaking stupid...makes me wonder why I ever decided to try the BB again...sigh....
    08-07-15 03:19 PM
  5. Jim Wolfson's Avatar
    You're very welcome. I couldn't tell you why it happened, but my Calendar has been running fine on my Z10 with BB Link until this instance. Maybe it's related to changes in the recurring appointment, or maybe it just glitched and got corrupted during Calendar use or sync.

    I don't know, but if the problem is this rare I wouldn't worry about it too much; I just wish it explained the problem better, but thank God for the search on the error string working!

    Happy you got yours fixed as well and FWIW I would never downgrade to an OS other than BlackBerry OS10. I like it quite a lot.

    08-08-15 12:02 PM
  6. JVRudnick's Avatar
    And...BBLink will no longer sync at all either...I now get the error message in Link that says --

    "an error has occurred during an attempt to access the device data"
    So using the methodology here, I ran a Log file, found the Error notice and here's what it says now --

    "12:02:04.181 Error Information: 12019 CPreferencesManager: Configuration Value for /Preferences/Account_1_65538/DevicePin not set in TransConfig.xml for translator RimBB, File: .\PreferencesManager.cpp, Line: 2052<BR />
    12:02:04.181 CBBTransBase::Open - Target device is unspecified<BR />
    12:02:04.181 Error Information: 12019 CPreferencesManager: Configuration Value for /Preferences/Account_1_65538/DevicePin not set in TransConfig.xml for translator RimBB, File: .\PreferencesManager.cpp, Line: 2052<BR />
    12:02:04.181 CBBTransDataAccess::GetSyncDataAccount - Target device PIN is unspecified<BR />
    12:02:04.518 <FONT COLOR=RED>CBBTransBase::Open - Failed to get device database info</FONT><BR />
    12:02:04.518 Error Information: 18003 An error has occurred during an attempt to access the device data., File: .\BBTransBase.cpp, Line: 245<BR />
    12:02:04.519 CRSyncUtil::GetTranslator : FeedProfileShim2Trans (Loaded Trans) BlackBerry
    <BR />12:02:04.519 CRSyncUtil::FeedProfileShim2Trans : returns 0
    <BR />12:02:04.519 <FONT COLOR=RED>CRSyncUtil::LogFatalTransError : 'Open(Transfer mode)' API of 'RimBB' translator for 'Calendar' application returned empty error</FONT><BR />
    12:02:04.520 End Sync with Error 2
    <BR />12:02:04.520 CRSyncEngine::GetSyncStatusForAllApps() GetSyncStatus2 failed.<BR />
    12:02:04.521 <SyncStep>Ending Sync Status Checks<BR />"

    From what I can tell - which really isn't much...it's that the BBLink app can't get a connection with the Passport? Odd in that I can find it using my network and move files on and off same...

    Can anyone help here please?
    08-10-15 11:12 AM

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