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    I recently upgraded from a Z10 to a Passport. I managed to transfer all my data/media using BlackBerry Link but the movies I purchased from BlackBerry World wouldn't play. I opened the video section in my world in BlackBerry World & was given the option to download my movies again but only 3 of my 4 movies downloaded. When I try to download the remaining movie, it says "download started" then after a few seconds, the following message pops up: "poll for download returned null"
    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this please?
    Thanks in advance
    Unable Download Video From BlackBerry World-img_20141006_193837.png

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    Apologies I think I've posted this twice...it's my first time posting not sure how to delete the duplicate .
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    10-06-14 01:55 PM
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    Well, if it makes you feel any better, Flight is on Netflix. (I'm fully aware that it does not remedy the situation, but just in case you wanted to watch it)

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    10-06-14 06:37 PM
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    Thanks for that, never used Netflix. Just gave it another go & it has downloaded :-)

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    10-07-14 04:05 PM

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