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    When you opt for a PKB device like a Passport, you should take best of its advantages. The important advantage of a PKB is the possibility to type fast and correct without keeping eyes on the keyboard.

    I have a Passport for two weeks and during this period of time I had improved my typing skills so that I can "slowly" type without looking at the keyboard. But I still need more improvement. Practicing help to type better and better every day. However learning some techniques and some practicing methods will be of a great help.

    In this thread I want to ask you share the techniques you use to get master in typing on your Passport.

    Because I used to type on my laptop and PC's keyboard by looking at the keyboard, I think the useful techniques of typing on laptop might be helpful as well

    I introduce one technique of practicing and you guys complete the rest:

    "memorize the placement of keys of each column. " for example memorize and practice that E & D & C belong to the same column. I primarily memorized the horizontal placement of keys. That was good but memorizing and practicing the vertical placement of keys boosted my speed.


    Or if you know a similar thread please direct me there. I couldn't find by searching.

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    12-26-16 06:12 AM
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    Funny, I have just recently started to type on my keyboard without looking. It is not great but I am improving. One trick I've found is to know the keys above and adjacent the spacebar. Know also the keys next to those keys and then you can relocate you thumbs positioning again. That can help when you are not sure where the keys are. I do better just bluetooth feel and measure of distance with memory but that trick can be helpful.
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    12-26-16 08:32 AM
  3. 85_305's Avatar
    It's a qwerty keyboard, if you're good at using an actual keyboard learn this just fine. Or just use the fantastic built-in voice to text feature.

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    12-26-16 12:15 PM

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