1. Lisa-Marie's Avatar
    Is there anyway you can use the passport keypad like the older blackberrys?
    There's only letters on this and i have no idea how to type anything else. It only lets me use the damn touch screen!
    01-01-15 05:50 AM
  2. sedat's Avatar
    Hold the @123 button for a second to get alt lock and the keymap. Swipe down on the keyboard to get another keymap, again to release it.

    You can also just swipe down once/twice if you want a single character.

    Or you can hold @123 while typing not to activate alt lock.
    01-01-15 05:58 AM
  3. Lisa-Marie's Avatar
    Thank you very much.

    Sorry this is a duplicate post didn't realise the first one had been posted. So could a mod delete?
    01-01-15 07:05 AM

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