1. mhw100's Avatar
    I have the OEM and Stilgut flip cases. I realize this has been discussed to some degree in other threads but I'm finding that when doing a lot of typing or calling, folding the cover behind the case reduces typing performance and adds too much bulk when using the device as a telephone.

    In the case of the Stilgut, the cover is nice and flat against the back of the device but is loose and therefore floats around in your hands making typing or calling awkward. In the case of the OEM, the cover doesn't lay flat against the back so it adds bulk but at least it is firm so it doesn't float around in your hands.

    I'm thinking that these book style covers offer good protection (particularly the Stilgut) but they aren't optimized for performance i.e. they really are best suited for consuming content.

    My thought is that going naked with a holster or using the hard shell are optimized for performance.

    Am I missing a case that bridges the gap in performance?
    01-08-15 11:27 AM
  2. monty1977's Avatar
    I only have the StilGut flip case, but I certainly find typing with it on easier than without. It is slightly more awkward with phonecalls though.

    Posted with my Passport
    01-08-15 11:44 AM
  3. mhw100's Avatar
    Don't you find that you have to 'manage' the back flip part i.e. by holding it from flopping around?
    01-08-15 11:55 AM
  4. monty1977's Avatar
    Not so much with typing, but maybe with phonecalls. I suppose when typing with two hands it's more naturally supported anyway. It's definitely a good case, I don't have any complaints.

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    01-08-15 12:57 PM

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