1. gilbert khayat's Avatar
    How can I get twitter notification from the ones I am following. I want to be able to get notifications when some of the people I am following post a tweet. How?

    I am seeing an older discussion saying that this can't be done.

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    03-23-15 04:32 PM
  2. BKA22's Avatar
    I've been hoping for this for over a year now. Currently it is not an option.

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    03-23-15 05:02 PM
  3. gilbert khayat's Avatar
    This is really not good. BlackBerry should be focusing on those main apps experience and twitter is a main app.

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    03-23-15 06:41 PM
  4. arthurmarquez's Avatar
    Hi, I have found one way to get the notifications from people who I want to receive their tweets:

    In a android smartphone in which I have native Twitter version 5.53.0, next to the name of the people i am following there is a black star that you can turn in yellow.
    When you change that star in yellow, you active the notifications of tweets of that person.

    Now, in my blackberry, I uninstalled the native Twitter and I downloaded and installed the same version of Twitter for android (you can get the apk searching in Google).

    Finally, I added my twitter account in the Settings/Accounts of the BB and I made sure to have all notificationes from Twitter activated, in the App and the notifications of Settings.

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    04-12-15 04:40 AM
  5. Mikey_NNG's Avatar
    This along with about 10 other missing features is why I no longer use the native Twitter app.

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    04-12-15 05:25 AM
  6. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    Native twitter app is quite disappointing... I want the BBOS twitter on my BB10

    I have 2 twitter account... so, im still using my 9900 at home for twitter... I love how the twitter v5 has a quick switch account feature and post via other accounts with notification every 30min. Now, it's just "oh you've got mentioned..."

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    04-12-15 08:19 AM

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