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    I keep reading about the argument that the Passport is not a consumer phone and it's targeted to the power user. How many of you are such power users? If width mattered this much, you can alway flip a phone to landscape mode and get more width than the square. And then again, if you are so busy that you don't have access to a laptop, what are the chances you will be lurking on the forums reading pages and pages of threads on a mobile device?

    Since I got my Q10 at launch, I haven't seen ANYBODY with a Q10, Z10, Q5, Z30 in public in San Francisco CA, Charlotte NC, and Sofia Bugaria. I see Bolds all the time, but never a BBOS 10 devices. Many companies are using or switching to Lumias or Androids for corporate communication

    So, who are the so called "power users" you speak of? And why does the Passport beat a landscape phone with equal or better lasting battery and many more apps, including corporate apps that BBOS 10 doesn't support?
    09-24-14 04:11 AM
  2. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    It is highly unlikely there is any phone out there with a better battery performance. First the Passport has a 3450mAH capacity which is the most of the market - even the massive Lumia 1520 6incher "just" has 3400mAH. Combine it with further battery optimizations coming with 10.3 software and you should have a package that is hard to beat.

    I am not one of the power users, however I mostly rely on my phone rather my computer. The 1:1 factor already felt good on the Q10, despite the small screen. Now taking this to a screen which is 1.4" larger and packs twice the resolution would be really, really interesting. Yes, of course you can change your typical candy bar device to landscape and have, in theory, more width than the Passport, but you lose additional things: If you type on such a device in landscape, usually 50-60% of the screen is occupied by that on screen keyboard, let alone you can't display as much content on the y-axis once you are in landscape mode.
    On the Passport you never have even to bother with switching portrait/landscape modes, just like on the Q10 always the same contents are displays - only that the Passport displays more.

    Sure it is true you rarely spot any BB10 devices, depending on where you're living, since launch I only spotted five Z10s, one Q10 and one Z30. However what should BlackBerry do, give up? With the Passport and the new keyboard concept they have an innovative phone on the market, we'll see how this will turn out.

    Hopefully not double-typed with my Q10
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    09-24-14 05:00 AM
  3. Aneres11's Avatar
    I am 100% a casual user and I want the Passport. However, I completely understand why people are saying this handset would work brilliantly for these 'power users'.
    09-24-14 05:14 AM
  4. mike-berry's Avatar
    For me it's very important that I can send out emails in the go instead of making it to a laptop for long emails. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

    I'm usually sending anywhere from 80-140 emails a day usually 100+ words in length never mind other casual communications

    Posted via CB10
    09-24-14 08:22 AM

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