1. Simone Trazzi's Avatar
    I received 2 days ago the PP, I owned several android phones but this PP with keyboard and a good screen bring me to change to BB.
    I always used android's gmail app and when I read an e-mail on the phone and go on the pc it shows me like read but with passport I can't see this. I read on the phone but when I access trought the pc it shows me like unread. It is possible to solve this ?

    Other question : is it possible to enlarge character's size of facebook's post ? I tried to enlarge in phone's options but facebook it's always the same size.
    10-03-14 11:00 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums!

    That is up to your sync intervals. If you have your phone set to sync every 30 minutes, read an email at 10:00 and check your inbox at 10:15, it's sure to be marked as unread. If you did at 10:30:01 it would have been marked read. Settings > Accounts > that email account > Advanced and lower the sync intervals (caution, too low an interval can impact battery life).

    Not sure about Facebook.
    10-14-14 09:36 PM

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