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    I don't have my Passport. Crackberry need to upgrade the app, sent alert in case like this, two times sold out plus 15% off. Okay I have the z10 I know I can transfer my Pin, but I like to transfer.

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    10-04-14 10:47 AM
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    10-04-14 10:54 AM
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    Posted via CB10
    10-04-14 10:55 AM
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    Secret squirrelling with my Q. ?C0001FE5D ?
    10-04-14 10:55 AM
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    The PIN is linked to the hardware. Every BB item has its own unique, non-transferable PIN.

    Why did you want to transfer it?
    If you're worried about anything like your BBM contacts, those are linked to your BBID and will restore just fine.
    When you switch, all your contacts will automatically have your PIN updated. This happens in the background by BB, nobody needs to change it manually.
    (You'll lose any current regular BBM Chats, but Group Chats do restore.)
    10-04-14 10:56 AM

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